Wedding & Portrait Photography

Wedding & Portrait Photographer | Yin Yoga Teacher & Slow Living Facilitator | I AM HOME I HAVE ARRIVED.

—  Photography  —




Wedding Photography

  6 weddings per year. 

For people that WANNA CELEBRATE WHO THEY SPEND THEIR TIME WITH - at 3000 EUR per wedding DAY.

Portrait Photography

6 Portraits per year

For people THAT WANNA CELEBRATE with WHAT and how THEY SPEND THEIR TIME - at 300 EUR per hour.





— Pricing/ Investment  —




Wedding Day

3000 Euros


What‘s included

- 1 of 6 weddings per year
10+ hours documentary
- get to know and meeting whenever you feel like it coffee/ dinner/ FaceTime
- all photos as high-res download 500-800 sorted and edited
delivered in a wonderful aesthetically pleasing Pixieset online gallery 
- high-end Canon and backup equipment
(Mark II & III, 35/1.4 L, 50/1.2 L, 85/1.2 L, 40mm Pancake)


And this as well

- personal rights of use for couple & guests 
online, social media & print
- fine art linen album with museum quality paper 
with your favorites handbound by Qt Albums
in a wonderful wooden box <3
- travel costs & accommodation within Germany included
(within Europe as well as worldwide tbd, but I'm always in for a trade <3)


One more thing

And for the sake of getting to know each other truly and deeply a free engagement session in Heidelberg/ Mannheim or a yin yoga session in Mannheim/ Heidelberg/ via Facetime/ Skype in included - preparing you for your big day and what might help you calm your nerves - because this is personal, so let‘s make it feel like it all the way <3




Portrait Session

300 Euros per hour


regular people like you and me, women, girls, couples, families, kids, seniors as well as yoga teachers, surfers, wood workers, designers, any kind of small hearty business or artist and anyone in need of photos showing the love you have through light.


Rights of use

incl. for personal use, freelancers, teeny tiny businesses, artists, crafty people. 

 excl. use for bigger businesses, institutions, companies, renowned entrepreneurs. 


excl. travel costs & accomodation, excl. fine art album, excl. fine art prints.




—  Intention  —

I don‘t care about staged poses and too much make up, I believe in whatever makes your heart skip a bit, makes you feel alive, makes you truly sad, truly happy or completely feel at peace. I believe in a life well lived, in time well managed, living with intention, and moments spent with awareness openness and acceptance, no matter what they are like. I am also a yin yoga teacher and that‘s how I teach, live and create. I want you to have real experiences and me just accidentally being there and capturing what‘s happening, not the other way around. Prepared sets and directed scenes are for advertising campaigns and models, not for real human beings. I will interact, we will co-create, but we won't have a magazine like editorial production. Cause I‘m into the real stuff, no matter how messy, how ordinary it gets, my gift is to see the light within and if we trust each other I can capture this light in the best way possible. Let‘s dare to truly love, in every kind of way, and maybe if we can keep a memory of that, that‘s all there is to do.

And with an industry that develops more and more trends, with colleagues that start earlier and have better equipment for smaller money, it it not about what we see, about  phrases and catchy designs, it is about what we feel, and not just temporarily, but real, authentic feelings, the good and the bad stuff. So honestly, I‘m your photographer when you feel like falling in love with what you see and read, like wanting to spend time with me as a person, like everything you would if it was not for the money, not for the wedding day, not for others, but for us as people and the time we spend together, then this is it and you should get in touch. Cause your time is precious, and mine is, too. Let‘s cherish this and make it count. This short lifetime of ours.


—  Slowing down —

I have a policy slowing digital life and life in general down to its essentials:
One day a week I answer emails, messages, comments and plan my tasks and set priorities for the week, this way I can ensure there is enough time and space for the important things like: photoshoots, yoga classes, learning, studying, administration, accounting, researching, practicing yoga, being outdoors, spending quality time with loved ones, cooking, photo editing, website updating, taxes, household chores, inspiration, meditation, writing, organising, shopping, growing herbs and greens, doing rituals and supporting others, swimming, dancing, listening to and watching the stars, strategising, making plans, adventuring, traveling and doing no-thing. 
I don't use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or anything else that keeps me glued to the phone, although I post online, but I don't have notifications turned on, so I won't see the reactions right away. So, to make sure you and all other clients feels heard and cared for, you guys receive a special email address which I check more frequently and definitely reply on Tuesdays. Some weeks prior to your wedding you will also receive a phone number, so you reach me anytime to ensure you are safe when the nervousness hits or real shit hits the fan ;)  This approach has proven to be the right for me, is never set in stone, always evolving - but the right thing to cherish and value deeply every connection - business or personal - I have, and we have.


— Logistics  —

At the time of the booking a 50% non-refundable retainer
is needed to secure the date, the rest is due four weeks before.

See full AGB here.




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