Yin Yoga Teacher | Slow Living Facilitator | Wedding & Portrait Photographer #HEAL #NURTURE #LOVE

—  NUrture —

Intention setting. Minimalism. Time management. Decluttering. Yogic & Daily Life Routines.
Finding light. Recognising big whitey. Reducing gear. Doing things with heart. Love & Nourish.




"Slow Living"

a.k.a "Yoga On & off the Mat"
for employees, freelancers, artists, stay-at-home mums

1,5 hours of yin yoga
1,5 hours of learning
0,5 hour of phone consultation four weeks after the workshop/ 1 PDF with your personal yoga routine

Structure for your work and life - the balance of both, so you get to focus on what‘s important to you and learn to incorporate yoga and other rituals into your daily life on your terms, budget and preferences.


"Backlight Photography"

a.k.a "Essentialist‘s Photography "
for beginners, pros, curious explorers

1,5 hours of learning
1,5 hours of shooting
0,5 hour of phone consultation four weeks after the workshop/ 1 PDF with your personal photography tipps

Methods for finding the light, how to use backlighting in sunset, day light and indoors while staying simple and giving while working with your clients and in your personal and travel photography.


"I am home. I have arrived."



I give these workshops at BOHEMIA Heidelberg:

Sunday "Slow Living"
28.01.2018, 00.02.2018, 00.03.2018, 00.04.2018, 00.05.2018
max 3 persons

Sunday "Backlight Photography" 
16.06.2018, 00.07.2018, 00.08.2018
max 3 persons

Sunday "Slow Living"
00.09.2018, 00.10.2018, 00.11.2018, 00.12.2018
 max 3 persons




"Wenn wir unsere Bedürfnisse nicht ernst nehmen,
tun es andere auch nicht."
- Marshall B. Rosenberg. 




Why I picked this as an introduction to the topic: A documentary which gives you a brief overview of minimalism, essentialism, intentional living, conscious consumerism and everything else that is worth a look at and the necessary step back to evaluate our every-day decisions and use of chronological time and ressources. The different paths and reasons and where to go from here. 



"this awakened way, (..) it‘s not something you do to get a better life, the better life is just a by-product that happens"

"Yoga is an invitation (..) a gentle all open invitation to shift from an existential burden to existential bliss. When you are in existential bliss you radiate that, (..) you realise the meaning of life (..). Because otherwise life is meaningless. Yoga is ultimately dropping all projections and experiencing the meaning of life, which cannot be contained in any ideology. That‘s why yoga is not an ideology, it‘s really, for me, it‘s an invitation to the meaning of life. Yoga and this awakened way, (..) it‘s not something you do to get a better life, the better life is just a by-product that happens.”

- Anand Mehrotra.