Fine Art Albums

Every full wedding day documentary includes a wonderful large fine art album with special paper, name embossing on the eco-linen cover and white gloves and a wonderful handmade wooden box to keep your memories safe. Because I believe in print! And it took me quite a while, but now I am with Qt Albums and they are the hottest shit <3

The paper is as mentioned above acid-free, meaning if you only touch it with the gloves and not your skin, the paper will stay intact over decades, even a whole lifetime, so your kids and grandkids can still feel and experience this keepsake, as if it was yesterday. Additional albums for your family members, friends or yourself on request. 

What is is you see down here in the photos and videos: Close-ups and detail views especially of the great haptic can be found in the video below. There are two client album videos, each showing a whole client album, of the whole wedding day, just like all clients receive their albums with the photos they picked themselves from all the photos they received. And then you can see the Portfolio with an assortment of inspirational shootings, so you get a feeling what I am all about, how I photograph, what I like, how I use light.



ALBUM Wedding



Album Wedding
Franzi & Tobi



with inspirational shootings


Album Wedding
Corinna & Hans

Album Wedding
Sina & Timo

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