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"And without their knowing I will be part of their love."

"I am reminded of Madame Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society. She always used to carry two bags in her hands. Either going for a morning walk or traveling in a train, those two bags were always in her hands. And while sitting not he train from her window she would always throw something out of those bags onto the footpath outside of the train. And people used to ask, „Why do you go on doing this?“ And she laughed and said, „This has been my whole life’s habit. These are seasonal flower seeds. I may not come back on this route again“- she was a world traveler - „but that doe not matter. When the season comes and the flowers blossom, thousands of people who pass this way every day will see those flowers, those colors. They will not know me, but that does not matter. „One thing is certain: I am making a few people happy somewhere. It does not matter whether they know me or not. What matters is that I have done something that will make someone happy. Some children may come and pluck a few flowers to take home. Some lovers may come and make garlands for each other; and, without their knowing, I will be part of their love. And I will be part of the joy of those children. And I will be part of those who simply pass by the path and see the beautiful flowers.“" - Osho

And that‘s exactly how I feel with my bridal couples.

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