Wedding & Portrait Photographer + Yin Yoga Teacher & Slow Living Facilitator

Inspiration Note: A wish FOR ALL WEDDINGS

Hot stone. Glimmering skies. Thick air. A fresh breeze. Wild flowers put together as if they always belonged together, a woman feeling beautiful, a pup bringing in a relaxed atmosphere. We're laughing. Real laughter, no fake smile, no set up poses, just us enjoying the moment. The girl later thanking me for those memories and says

‘We can do that again, any time‘.

I admit, when I do those inspirational shoots for my wedding couples to see what is possible styling wise, we choose the dress, we talk to our flower person how the bouquet shall look like, what flowers, what style and everything. We choose what accessories, shoes and hair style. But I say ‘we‘, because it's not just me. It starts with a dress or a person, then I add one or two more things I've seen in the past with other photographers or stylists or flower or calligraphy people or even something I found in my own closet or in the streets while doing everything but photography. And then we sit together, talk about the upcoming session. The person I choose becomes the chief character in this play and starts getting involved in the process and we pick what gives her a certain feel, whatever she can identify with. Maybe we add what she has seen some days before or some time ago. And so two or more people start creating. Not what looks best, but what feels best. And every person or vendor involved in this process adds something, is free to think and feel what might fit. I bring pictures of the model, of the things that inspired me along the path and photos of the props we have found so far. And if the wind, while driving open-topped to our location, adds some movement to the hair, so be it. And there we go creating a story around that person, that dress, that place. One that the model can feel. Just like you would pick your outfit in the morning or pack your bags for a weekend trip, you imagine what the situation shall feel like. And then the magic happens, everything is set up and we let go. No more plans. No storyboards for the final pictures or something like that. Just using the mood we created to let it happen. Note: the idea we have in mind at the beginning is never what we get as a result in the end. But it's wonderful.

It's a process. It's us.

So bridal inspirations really make my heart skip a bit. Cause it's like the wedding itself, it truly is not about the style, that special day in your life or anything else the wedding industry wants to sell, it's an expression of your true self. Hey, you are going to celebrate with your friends and family the path you chose to share with another human being. Take a little effort to find a certain style that really fits you and gets you in the perfect mood for what is about to begin. I wish for brides and grooms to pick clothing, flowers, accessories and a location that gets them in mood to celebrate, to enjoy, be present and feel beauty all around them. Cause life is beautiful! The path is what it's about, so I wish for all of you to remember that you are still you - even on a day full of traditions and things one ‘should do, because it‘s always been done like that before‘ - especially when it comes to classic wedding bouquets and decorations. It's allowed to take advise from vendors or other professionals, but listen to your inner voice, don't wear or choose stuff you would never ever choose in every day life. Express in visuals who you are deep inside your mind and soul, decide how you want to feel and remember the journey you are about to embark on and the commitment you are about to take. Be you and add a little festivity  It's a celebration, make it look like one. It's easier to remember the beautiful moments when visuals express how you felt deep inside. Find your soul, speak in visuals (there is so much you can do with so little money, you just have to sit down and truly think what makes you tick - there's always a DIY or inexpensive way to express yourself, and get out there, nature has so much to offer - visually and emotion wise. And if you don't know where to begin, go to my Pinterest board 'wedding‘ and you'll see.)

Make this not the most special day of your life, 
but the beginning of a life filled with special days.