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—  Heal  —

Practice yoga with me. Asana. Meditation. Letting go. Arriving within. Awakening to life itself.



YIn Yoga

Yin yoga with a focus on fascia, joints, connective tissue and deep relaxation
through poses held for 3-5 minutes, releasing all tension - a counterintuitive approach to our yang based lives.

Wonderful video about studies from University of Heidelberg and alternative approaches to muscles, connective tissue, injuries, healing and much more - the scientific explanation for all the stuff we already know works <3 

"I am home. I have arrived."

I teach weekly classes, workshops, personal sessions and offer retreats at BOHEMIA Yoga:



"Yoga is the practice of being close to yourself. 
No matter what is happening within or around you."
- Elena Brower.

—  MY Inspiration —

Why I picked this as an introduction to the topic: This documentary is a movie about a well-known buddhist monk and Zen master, who makes us tap into the feeling we are trying to reach during a yoga and or meditation session, on and off the mat, and to bring into our daily lives: "All that remained was a deeply rooted peace."

"Yoga is ultimately dropping all projections and experiencing the meaning of life"

"Yoga is an invitation (..) a gentle all open invitation to shift from an existential burden to existential bliss. When you are in existential bliss you radiate that, (..) you realise the meaning of life (..). Because otherwise life is meaningless. Yoga is ultimately dropping all projections and experiencing the meaning of life, which cannot be contained in any ideology. That‘s why yoga is not an ideology, it‘s really, for me, it‘s an invitation to the meaning of life. Yoga and this awakened way, (..) it‘s not something you do to get a better life, the better life is just a by-product that happens.”

- Anand Mehrotra.