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EMBL European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Marketing Assistant

Reference Number: HD01387

Dear Geoff and the Course and Conference Office team,

the last couples of months I have come across EMBL several times and the timing now was just right when I decided to work full-time
and leave the freelance world and found this job offer on I have been wondering why that name kept showing up, now I know.
My background story: I have been working as a freelance photographer and yoga teacher for the past ten years
with several part-time contracts during that time period, traveling throughout the world and now have been starting to settle down within the last two years
and finally am in want and need of a full-time contract. As the next chapter is beginning I feel the desire to be part of
a steady team, ambitious, driven, positive and with a purpose and most importantly in one place, my home Heidelberg.
I hope to find my place within the bigger scheme of things here with you at EMBL, learning new things, being in contact with a different field
which I am deeply interested in, but have no experience in yet so far, working in and supporting you with the skills and methods I gained experience in over the
past decade and simply being part of a team working towards a common goal and share daily life and responsibilities together.


I would love to assist throughout all marketing activities, may it be websites, print materials,
social media channels, answering inquiries, assisting events, conferences, managing projects
and I‘d also be happy to do so during evening and weekend hours.
I am used to working regular office hours as well as event/ project-based work schedules,
so I would absolutely be open to working uncommon working hours whenever needed.
And whenever the event team would need support, I‘d also be happy to bring my tourism knowledge and experience
and learn in regards to specifics in conference and course events, if that‘s required.


I have a Bachelor‘s degree in business administration and marketing, am enthusiastic and dependable,
love self-organising (and project management apps like Asana and to-do lists as well as structure and systems in general),
am looking forward to exchange and learn from and with my colleagues, speak fluent English and am a German native speaker,
work on a daily basis with Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite, have been using Mailchimp and Asana for my own work
and for several employers (once implemented Asana as the main tool for marketing, sponsoring and press activities), have never used Slack and Crowd Compass,
but what I‘ve seen so far on their websites I will definitely be happy to work with these applications,
know about GANTT charts (attended a course during my semester abroad in the Netherlands and already back then fell in love with organising and time-managing projects and tasks),
am a quick learner when it comes to databases and content management systems (have worked with some so far, and implemented adjustments to several),
am not a pro with Google Analytics and Adwords yet, but strongly interested and will learn and self-study whatever knowledge and hands-on practices are needed,.
Social media channels, time-management and detail-orientation are my staff of life, I even teach time-management
called “Slow Living” implementing yoga, mindfulness and other rituals into daily life, to engage in both worlds
while still being able to handle both. I also do and manage all the website and communication channels for my freelance businesses myself.


As mentioned above I am a German native speaker. Basic knowledge in Spanish and French will come in handy, but I am not fluent enough to produce content in those languages.
Whenever a photographer is needed for events or in case a meditation and mindfulness class for one of the conference and course groups or employees is requested, I‘d be glad to help.


“Why not?” That approach deeply resonated with me, as well as the fact that the marketing team postet a photo of
Diana Mendes Freire on Instagram (
telling her story how she discovered her cancer, how the employees at EMBL treated her and what it‘s really about in life
- the story itself, the photo and the fact that it was shared on EMBL‘s social channel made me feel like
“I want to work at EMBL, that‘s the kind of environment I want to grow professionally in”.

The feeling got even stronger when I read other job descriptions on the website, especially the one as “Erzieherin”
(“Wollen Sie Erzieher/in im Betriebskindergarten eines renommierten Forschungsinstituts sein? Sie träumen davon, Kinder aus der ganzen Welt
auf ihrem Weg ins Leben ganzheitlich zu begleiten? Sie sind kreativ, organisieren gerne und haben Lust,
Verantwortung in der Erziehungspartnerschaft mit den Eltern zu übernehmen? Sie legen Wert darauf, jedes einzelne
Kind individuell zu fördern und ihm die Zeit und den Raum zu geben, sich zu entfalten? Dann kommen Sie zu uns!”)
- the holistic and responsible approach truly resonated and made me ask people I know what they heard about
EMBL, and the ones that knew about EMBL and truly know me told me “You‘d be a great match, they‘re just like you <3 :)”.

Another “Why not?”-moment was when I read about Asana and all the other applications you use, a sleek work environment,
good structure and well-thought systems make work so much more efficient, focused and meaningful and the
overall feeling and inner state of mind is also elevated when things are clear, organised, aesthetically pleasing.
I also really like the design and structure of the PDF event schedule, and the iCal calendar with “Course” or “Conference” written in every headline,
so one instantly knows which one is which, simple, but exactly how I like to structure things
- using graphic elements and formatting to help one‘s mind to instantly recognise what it is searching for.

Considering content I hope to hear and learn - either during work or while having the opportunity
to get in touch with these topics through other resources - about immune systems and neuroscience,
there is so much to learn and discover, and I deeply care about the connection between yoga,
Vedanta, TCM and other fields and the scientific background slowly discovering why and how certain practices work.

The final yes was the application process, once I realised it is not necessary to have a CV,
cover letter and additionally fill out all that information again - like most employers do -
I truly fell in love with how you handle, structure and organise things here at EMBL.


I am looking forward to practice my English language skills and meet and work and collaborate with an international team
and learn and hear from different fields and be part of something bigger and work towards a purpose.
I already live in Heidelberg, so no need for a relocation package, am familiar with Heidelberg, so no need for an introduction,
but would love to drive up the hill every morning, have a short walk through the forrest
before work and begin all fresh and new and end the day just like that.

Regarding logistics, the possible start date would be 1st December, possibly earlier, or 1st January,
and I am currently available for interviews Mondays and Wednesdays and eventually Friday mornings.

After beginning the full-time work schedule, my yoga and photography will happen once a month preferably on Sundays,
so would not interfere with my work schedule or possible events at EMBL.

Truly looking forward to your reply!

Kindest regards

Julia Vanessa Utsch

5th November 2018


EMBL European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Marketing Assistant

Reference Number: HD01387

Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Staff Category: Staff Member
Contract Duration: 3 years
Grading: 3
Closing Date: 11 November 2018

As part of the Course and Conference Office, based at EMBL Heidelberg you will fulfil EMBL’s mission to provide exemplary training for the life sciences, making the laboratory the leading meeting place for biologists in Europe. Join the team that delivers a world-class programme of international conferences, courses and events, primarily at the striking Advanced Training Centre (ATC). The ATC is EMBL’s purpose-built scientific conference and training venue, centred on a large auditorium, wet laboratories and computer-based training rooms and complete with social spaces designed to foster networking and collaboration. We offer an international working environment with superb benefits and facilities for staff.

Your role

The marketing assistant will join the EMBL Course and Conference Office’s marketing team, which holds the critical role of developing and communicating with the scientific community on behalf of the CCO and generating participation in and audiences for the programme of conferences, courses and events. The team monitors and reports on quality, effectiveness, and reach of the programme. It also has a broader remit to promote the external training activity and events programmes of all EMBL sites. 

Main functions:

  • Assist with marketing campaigns for EMBL’s international, scientific conferences, workshops and courses

  • Editing and proofing of websites via a Content Management System

  • Assist with developing social media communication for conferences, workshops and courses

  • Monitoring the central marketing inbox, responding to general inquiries

  • Onsite marketing assistance at conferences, including speed networking and promotional material distribution

  • Assisting with the production and content population of conference and course event apps

  • Assisting with the research and material production for industrial sponsorship and exhibition

  • Actively contributing to projects and work groups to advance the continuous development of the CCO

  • There will be an occasional requirement to work at evenings and weekends in support of conferences

You have

The candidate appointed should have a university degree or equivalent. The CCO needs enthusiastic and dependable team players with impressive abilities to self-organise and prioritise so that they can support multiple event projects and tasks simultaneously. You’ll need to be a good communicator to work with your CCO colleagues, our customers and fellow service providers at EMBL. Candidates with experience in the field of event marketing will be considered first.

  • Full fluency in English and basic German language proficiency essential

  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge)

  • Experience with email campaign software (MailChimp), project management (Asana, Instagantt) and marketing web and mobile applications (Crowd Compass, Slack)

  • Experience working with databases and content management systems

  • Experience with various social media platforms, HTML and Google Analytics and Adwords

  • Excellent time-management skills with the ability to multi-task and perform under pressure

  • Adept communicator and relationship builder

  • Excellent attention to detail

You might also have

More advanced German language abilities is an advantage.

Why join us

Why not? Well, EMBL is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits appropriate to an international research organisation with a very collegial and family friendly working environment. The remuneration package comprises a competitive salary, a comprehensive pension scheme, medical, educational and other social benefits, as well as financial support for relocation and installation, including your family and the availability of an excellent child care facility on campus. Join EMBL to experience the cosiness and charm of a small German town, following the footsteps of the late 18th romantics!

What else do I need to know

We are innovative and interdisciplinary laboratory with more than 1600 employees from many nations, operating across six sites: in Heidelberg (HQ), Barcelona, Hinxton near Cambridge, Hamburg, Grenoble and Rome.

Our mission is to offer vital services in training scientists, students and visitors at all levels; to develop new instruments and methods in the life sciences and actively engage in technology transfer activities, and to integrate European life science research.

Please note that appointments on fixed term contracts can be renewed, depending on circumstances at the time of the review.

30th October 2018