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Wedding & Portrait Photographer | Yin Yoga & Slow Living Teacher | I AM HOME. I HAVE ARRIVED.



Available spots in 2018 by 21st May 2018:

I will accept 3 more weddings in 2018.
I will accept 1 more portrait session in 2018. 

(If you still need photos with your face in it you can attend my photography workshop where we learn how to take photos and you also get your portrait taken,
just go to Julia Vanessa // Yin Yoga & Slow Living Teacher to book your spot).

Please only inquire photography here,
everything that is not photography please book directly via Julia Vanessa // Yin Yoga & Slow Living Teacher <3

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All weddings include:

Rights of use for bridal party & guests.
Hand bound Fine art album. 
Travel costs included.

Portrait sessions for artists, families,
yoga teachers, beach babes also available at any time.




Yin Yoga? Slow living? RETREATS?

I am not only a photographer, but also yoga teacher and offer weekly classes, slow living programmes and retreats: