Seeing beauty in the ordinary, and light in the mundane.


Yin Yoga Teacher | Essentialist | Wedding & Portrait Photographer



Heidelberg, Germany


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a decade of experience.

Self-taught photographer, heart-filling inspiring long-term travels around the globe, a degree in business and marketing combined with passion for the art of teaching yoga, mediation and mindfulness through a long personal history of family issues, an autoimmune thyroid-attacking disease, hyper sensitivity and being an Empath that brought me to these things as a tool, as solution, as guidance for navigating through the waves of life. Now bringing you the tools and knowledge that helped and still helps me along my path, to heal your inner world, to preserve moments of love, and nurture whatever it is you have your heart and mind set on. 

Lots of love and light

Julia Vanessa 🌿







"And there are authentic memories with lots of love and laughter captured, big hugs and the feeling of belonging stability and home, yoga, meditation and ritual, creating as a team whatever makes us feel grounded and connected, respect, gratitude and love for each other, tons of sunshine and positive attitude, devotion, integrity and giving, empathy and compassion, road trips, sunshine, the feeling of inner peace, barefoot on green grass, toes in ocean sand, touching waves, growth, lightness and ease, birthdays overflowing with thought care and joy and tons of giving and receiving, ink, some more ink, lot of candle light and fresh linen, cozy comfy, tidy, structured, minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing, sustainable surroundings, endless sunset magic, crisp sunrises in fresh morning air, deep moments in-between, freedom and being close, full of life, relaxed family holidays and christmases, homegrown veggies and herbs, market greens and handpicked flowers, a fire place and wooden table for intimate and well curated gatherings with loads of yummy sustainable homegrown food and a close tribe of friends and family, beautiful souls with fire in their hearts and truly caring for each other, supporting growth and accompanying every step of the path, being mindful, truthful, respectful, and loving with each other, lots of beauty, respectful mindful interaction and deep truthful conversations, strength and the courage to live, speak and seek truth and love, (un-)schooled free spirited worry-free kids, a therapy puppy, a place where all this comes together in a sustainable aesthetic tiny home, where we all live the Buddhist principles of lovingkindness, compassion and sympathetic joy, in yoga sessions, workshops, photoshoots, client meetings, and rituals, all floating with ease, joy and lightness, money flowing as a symbol of energy coming in and going out and again coming in, more than we need, so we are free to distribute and focus on what‘s important, water activities, gatherings and harmonious heart soothing mind easing soul filling music all over the place, and lots of sweeps-me-off-my-feet and keeps me grounded balanced, respectful, nurturing love in one romantic that lasts for a lifetime and gets stronger, deeper and more stable every day - because we affirm so, know our needs and are able to express it with empathy  and compassion. And so it is and so it is and so it is. 
Thank you Universe." 


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Truth Speaker. Connection Seeker. Empowered Empath.
Highly Sensitive Person. Nature Lover. Ex-Minimalist.
Essentialist. Taking-the-time Person. Intention Setter. 
Health first. Sensual Lover. Strong & Soft. Change Maker.


A real human being. With so much Love & Light.
And Authenticity. And Realness.