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Heidelberg, Germany
Mannheim, Germany


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July/August: Munich, Eibsee, Zürich, Bern

September: Portugal
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December: Bali
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January: Hawaii & L.A.


A decade of experience in photography.

Julia Vanessa

Self-taught photographer with a passion for weddings and all things human connection, several heart-filling long-term travels around the globe, a university degree in business and marketing and a deep calling for the art of teaching mindfulness through yin yoga & mediation - through a long personal history of deep family issues, an autoimmune disease and being highly sensitive brought me to yoga and many other tools like living by the moon, healthy organic clean eating, soul food, aromatherapy, living slow and with intent, mono tasking, spending less and focusing on experiences instead of materialistic goods, questioning the status quo, finding new ways, self-care, nature walks, being a bookworm and reading a lot, researching, creating, making space for what‘s truly important, appreciation and commitment to my relationships and process of letting go, being guided by intuition, bringing mind and soul together, creating space for myself and others, and loving kindness meditation as a tool to riding the highs and lows of life and keeping it real during, because 'no mud no lotus' - mindfulness, awareness and presence, consciousness as a relief, guidance and unshakable Truth within - finding gratitude and joy in being sensitive, open and receptive in everyday life - for being an Empowered Empath open, vulnerable, honest and real, while at the same time having boundaries and a strong, loving, nurturing sense of self - still unlearning unhealthy patterns, relearning healthy habits while nourishing and nurturing feminine yin qualities within myself and those around me. Giving forward all the tools and knowledge that nourish and support my own healing so you can reclaim your innate power and reclaim yourself and get back to your center. To nurturing a slow(er) life, for experiencing things and people fully wholeheartedly, for finding peace within releasing the idea of "hustling into worthiness".
A manifest for participating in worldly pleasures, but with meaning, depth and connection in an aesthetically pleasing way, because beauty and symmetry elevate all our frequency and consciousness.

My biggest learning: Surrender and all is coming.  

"Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, representing the final stage of human evolution. It is what dissolves the illusion of separation and boundaries, replacing it with oneness and unity. They are ruled by Neptune, the planet ruling dreams, psychic abilities, spirituality and inspiration. In the mythology Neptune was the God of the Sea and in our lives it affects our spiritual enlightenment. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and is all about universal and unconditional love. Fantasy and vulnerability is the Pisces side of life and the 12th house deals with the hidden and subconscious. Pisceans are not the people that want to be in the limelight, they like Cancers tend to withdraw when they need to gain back their energy. It is very important for Pisceans to surround themselves with positive and loving people, because they are sponges that soak up other's emotions. Being around water bodies are very healing for pisces, also being in the oceans and lakes. Pisceans tend to also sacrifice their own need for others, embodying the archetype of the martyr. They are selfless, idealistic and compassionate. What can be the shadow side of Pisces is their escapism, when they cannot deal with this three-dimensional existance. Also they are prone to addiction, sometimes lack of will and drive as well as being over sensitive. Pisceans have to be careful of seeing themselves as victims. Pisceans must come in touch with the own spirituality and a Higher Consciousness to feel content and complete."

Thank you for sharing the path of unfolding and reminding each other of what truly counts: Presence. And integrity. 

‘Cause we're all just walking each other home. 

Julia Vanessa 🌿




Bridge between
the two Worlds

My spirit has obvisouly chosen to be born as a Pisces in this lifetime - to nurture, nourish and give. For all the ones not having a thing for astrology and all things energy, the Piscean is described in the text on the left/ above after the intro text to give you a little insight. Plus I am a Leo rising sign, which means I am good with running events, all things appearance and the need to be noticed and seen combined with a big portion of warm embracing enthusiasm & optimism


Truth Over Feeling Good. Connection. Empathy. Intimacy. Nature. Less is More. Minimalism. Moon Cycles. Sustainability. Authenticity. No FOMO. No BS.