Nourishing the Divine Feminine in Presence & Integrity. With good laughs & hugs from heart to heart.

Wedding & Portrait Photographer | Yin Yoga & Slow Living Teacher | I AM HOME. I HAVE ARRIVED.


A decade of Experience in photography.


Hey, I’m Julia Vanessa.

I am a photographer and yoga teacher. What my heart sings to and my mind thrives on are weddings and portraits, everything with a real foundation, honest straight up real life stuff while seeing the divine and beautiful and inner freedom in it, thats what I love to capture and what I do best <3 Seeing the light within and knowing how to make it visible to others. When I teach yoga I dont teach something external - how to gain something from the outside or to get somewhere - but to find that light within that I capture when I photograph, when I co-create art, that light within is what I teach, the tools so you can find it yourself within yourself, and so do I. Cause it is there, it always is, sometimes - all of us - just need a gentle reminder, a little guidance, and at times even a kick in the butt paired with a glass of rosé, real talks and loud hearty laughs and the mirror we tend to avoid, at times sometimes a pat on the back, a deeply connecting hug from heart to heart, encouraging words and an understand listening ear making you feel held while everyone else is already tired of hearing your experience - in the end it‘s about balance and the deeper knowing that we‘re all walking each other home.

That's why I would love to accompany your wedding day - as a photographer, yoga teacher, new or old friend, person in charge and the person happening to be there with you in the right time and space: I’m a Pisces sun and Pisces moon with Leo rising sign, which means I am a deeply empathetic, intuitive, emotional mermaid easily getting lost beyond time and space always seeking connection and Union with those around me, but also knowing how to make things and people presentable, getting things going forward and bringing a warm embracing welcoming positive spirit into every situation. In personal life rather shy and introverted, needing a lot of alone-time, nature, reflection and quiet time with my closest tribe whom I can fully trust and be myself with all quirks and twists, I turn to full-on host taking-care-of-things-and-people mode when needed and truly appropriate. Being the bridge between both worlds.

So whenever you book me as the photographer for your wedding or a portrait session, expect all the introverted yoga inner world stuff and likewise, when you learn yoga with me be prepared to have someone around who also know how to practically bring all the mushy new agey stuff into daily life, work and relationships. Because it always about finding and navigating the middle ground, thats where the gold is.

Lots of love Julia Vanessa.
And now have a day filled with good vibes, the real ones. 🌿 



Upcoming Travels

July/ August: Munich
September: Portugal (book my End of Summer Yin Yoga retreat)
October/ November: Zurich, Bern, Munich
December: Bali (see my New Year‘s Eve Yin Yoga retreat)
February: Hawaii & L.A.



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Truth Over Feeling Good. Connection
Empathy. Intimacy. Less is More
Minimalism. Nature. Moon Cycles
Authenticity. Sustainability. No BS.




Heidelberg, Germany
Mannheim, Germany


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