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Bohemian Colors // Julia Vanessa Utsch

wedding & portrait photographer + yin yoga teacher + essentialist #writing #healing #feelinglove




time to breathe and just be

Off to a place of belonging.


More than just a picture.
A genuine experience.
A memory of a real moment.


A different approach to photography and anything visual capturing. However ordinary it may be.


The Approach


I don‘t care about staged poses and too much make up, I believe in whatever makes your heart skip a bit, makes you feel alive, makes you truly sad, truly happy or completely feel at peace. I believe in a life well lived, in time well managed, focusing on essentials, and moments spent with awareness, no matter what they are like. I am also a yin yoga teacher and that‘s also how I teach. I want you to have real experiences and me just accidentally being there and capturing it, not the other way round. Staged poses, prepared sets and directed scenes are for advertising campaigns and models, not for real human beings. Let‘s dare to truly love, in every kind of way, and maybe if we can keep a memory of that, that‘s all there is to do.



Love notes



"Wohoooo, Julia, du hast uns so viel Freude gemacht! Die Fotos, die Stimmung, die Farben, die Liebe - alles sooo schön <3 Du bist ´ne knaller Herzdame und ich hab das schon gewusst, als wir uns noch garnicht begenet sind! Daher musste ich Dich auch gleich bei unserem ersten Treffen fest drücken.. Sitze gerade im Büro an meinem Platz und hab dort meine Notiz vor mir (welche ich laaange vor unserer Hochzeit gemacht habe): ´Julia Vanessa Utsch (Caro) Abgefahren! Machen!´ So steht es hier geschrieben und ich bin überglücklich das wir es ´gemacht´ haben. Wir haben nicht nur die wunderbarsten Fotos und eine tolle Unterstützung (Nerven/Deko etc.) bekommen, sondern auch eine kreative, nice-looking, liebeswürdige, talentierte Freundin ´gratis´ dazu erhalten! Hey, wo gibt´s denn sowas?!?!  DANKE! I LOVE YOU! Küsschen, Eva (blessed)"

- Eva & Maik, Brautpaar, Heidelberg, 2016.



"For my 10 year anniversary I was bringing my wife to Heidelberg castle to renew our wedding vows. We wanted to treat it like a wedding and we wanted to capture the enchanting romantic feeling that the castle offers, while showing how much we love each other and our family. Julia corresponded with us in Canada and knew exactly what we wanted. She not only delivered what we had asked for but 10 times more. When we look back at our pictures it brings us right back to the magical moment at the castle re-marrying each other. She is one awesome photographer and one outstanding person to get to know and to work with."
Antony von Palleske, Vow Renewal, Heidelberg, 2015.




"Was, mit Handy in der Hand? Was, hier jetzt? Oh das sieht aber gut aus! Ja klar, deswegen haben wir ja ne Fotografin, und dazu noch so ne gute ;)" "Und du hast von ganz vielen Freunden und der Family ganz viel Lob gesammelt - und wir kennen die Bilder ja noch gar nicht" "Wir sind immer noch ganz verliebt in die Bilder!!! Müssen sie uns ständig anschauen;-)" 

- Kathrin & Jan, Brautpaar, Hannover, 2016.




"W-O-W <3 Ich musste spontan ein paar Mal losheulen, weil die Bilder so SCHÖN sind! Wahnsinn - Danke! Wir schmeißen jetzt einfach alle 5 Jahre zum Hochzeitstag eine Party und engagieren dich ;)"

- Franzi & Tobi, Brautpaar, Tegernsee/München, 2015.





"Es ist ein sehr schöner Artikel über Heidelberg und wunderbar illustriert. Habe mir auch Ihre Homepage angeschaut und beglückwünsche jedes Paar, das sich für die Hochzeit ihre Dienste gönnt – es sind herrliche Bilder."

- Amt für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Stellv. Amtsleiter, Stadt Heidelberg, 2014.




 "Your work is really exquisite" - Elena Brower - world renowned yoga & meditation teacher, entrepreneur, author, New York City, 2017.




"OMG! I just saw them! You are soooo amazing!
Love love loveee them so much, wow it‘s incredible! 

Really you are amazing. 

I really don‘t like when someone takes photos of me I am very shy and really critic about it. But seriously these are awesome! I loved them!" - Lucia, Bali/ Portugal, 2017.






"Hi Julia, The photos are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much, I have been seeing them pop up on my facebook all weekend and was looking forward to getting to work today so I can start working with them. So happy we had you with us - I feel very lucky to have such an array of gorgeous images, you did such a good job :) Thanks again, I will write more later but now I am going to go download them ALL! Blessings and best wishes, Jennie"

- Santosha Yoga Institute, Bali, 2016.



"When I met Julia Vanessa for the shooting I was very nervous. She realized that straight away so we sat down together and had a little chat about me and my worries but also about other things, that really brought me down so I could relax. The following shooting was great, she said I should just do what I normally do and she will take the pictures in between.  The result was awsome, very natural photos. She is a master playing with light and colours. Absolutely brilliant. If you can ever get her for a shooting you won't regret it." - Katja, SUP & Yoga Teacher, Heidelberg, 2015.





" I don't think I‘ve ever seen a photographer capture the energy that you do in your photos.  

They are simply amazing to look at. XX" 

- Claire Uhlich, 2016.



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